DURING MY CHILDHOOD, HORSES WERE A FAMILY PASSION.  I learnt to ride on ponies much like the ones I have painted. I also learnt to drive a trap and do trick and bareback riding. I have drawn and painted horses since my childhood.

If it is true that a picture is worth a thousand words, these paintings are a plea to let the first Sunday of the month horse fair in Smithfield continue. They are a continuation of paintings I did of markets and street scenes in Mexico over the last few years.

The combination of the graffiti hoardings, architecture, young boys and horse people was exciting as it was impossible to have preconceived ideas, or memories of other painter’s work. They are also related to paintings of Duffy’s Circus which I painted in 1970. I have tried to be objective with my subject matter, painting what I saw and experienced.

PhilippaSmithfield Horse Paintings